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Channel Analysis

Use the Right Channels

Having the right channels for your advertising is just as important as any other decision. We analyze each of the different PPC platforms you advertise on and determine which channels you might be unfairly ignoring. Our experiences with different platforms helps us understand which businesses are best suited for different platforms. We establish a grade for your campaigns based on your compatibility with the platform as well as how we would forecast your campaign to perform on it once your campaign is brought up to speed in all other aspects.



No business is directly comparable to another. No two industries are really alike. Our team spends time understanding the value that you provide to your customers and how your industry competes online. We analyze your role within the industry, and how to properly capitalizing on that in online advertising.

Digital Marketing Company

Competitive Analysis

Learn From Your Competition

Your competitors believe they have the winning strategy. We can decode the secret behind their results and find ways to outperform and dominate them online. We perform an in-depth analysis of their approach in terms of the platforms they advertise on, the keywords they use, any tracking scripts or metrics to help them fine-tune their conversion process, and how they approach the average lead. We use this insight to figure out where they are failing to capitalize to build you a campaign not only capable of competing but built to dominate the market.